Psychosexual and
Relationship Support

Psychosexual Therapy

The aim of psychosexual therapy is to help work through any sexual related issues such as sexual health, sexual dysfunctions, sexual orientation and identity whilst taking into consideration any physical, emotional and cultural factors that may be contributing to the problem.

Psychosexual therapy will often involve exercises specific to your needs and which are done in between sessions. The initial sessions will be enquiring about you and understanding your needs to establish how best to support you. Sessions are generally weekly and last for 50 minutes.

  • Low Desire

    Low sexual desire or loss of sexual desire means not wanting to initiate or have sex. Sometimes this can present as desiring sex with one partner but not with another, or that there is no desire for sex at all.

    There can be many contributing factors such as lifestyle, life stresses or an underlying medical condition or relationship problems that can affect both males and females.

    If you would like to understand why you are experiencing low desire or if your low desire is impacting your relationship/s and you would like to understand more about it, contact me.

  • Orgasm Difficulties and Anorgasmia

    Orgasm difficulties or anorgasmia can occur for both males and females. Orgasm difficulties may present as having experienced orgasms in the past and not able to now, experiencing orgasm through masturbation but not with partner/s or have never experienced an orgasm.

    Many factors can contribute to orgasm difficulties and may not necessarily impact someone enjoying sex or having a fulfilling sex life. Some of these difficulties maybe lifestyle or life stressors, or views that sex should always result in climaxing with an orgasm.

    However if you are finding that this is causing some concern for you or impacting your relationship and you would like some information or help then
    contact me.

  • Vaginismus

    Vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the pelvic muscles preventing entrance of either a finger, penis or object such as a tampon or dildo entering the vagina. Vaginismus occurs even when a person is aroused and desires sex and can cause many problems for the person experiencing it and can impact all partners if in a relationship and can sometimes result in avoiding intimacy.

    There can be many contributory factors for vaginismus and psychosexual therapy can help towards treating it. If you have vaginismus and would like support or more information, contact me.

  • Sexuality and Sexual orientation

    Sexuality and sexual orientation is something that is unique to each individual. However factors such as societal and messages received growing up can make it seems as though what we are feeling or what we like or dislike is not appropriate.

    These can be thing such gender identity, sexual orientation such as being gay, lesbian or bisexual, or enjoying sexual practices such as BDSM, or having a fetich or kink.

    If you are confused or curious about exploring your sexuality, contact me.

  • Unreliable Erections

    Erection difficulties also known as erectile dysfunction is a common problem is when a male is unable to have or maintain an erection and can occur either in particular situations or be a general problem. It is normal to have this issue on occasion, and lifestyle can be a contributing factor. However, if the problem is persistent it can impact self-esteem or relationships with intimate partners.

    It is advisable to seek a medical professional to rule out any underlying health conditions if maintaining erection’s is a persistent problem. If you would like more information or help please contact me.

  • Ejaculation Difficulties

    Ejaculation problems are a common problem for males. The three main types are, premature, delayed or retrograde. There can be many factors that can cause either of these, but if they are a persistent problem then it is best to seek advice from a medical professional to rule out any underlying health conditions.

    Premature Ejaculation is the most common problem and can impact anyone at some stage. Premature ejaculation is when the male ejaculates too quickly and can be at the point just before penetration or very soon after penetration.

    Delayed Ejaculation is when there is a significant delay in ejaculating, even when the male is aroused and has a full erection. It can present as delaying for a significant amount of time during sex, which can cause discomfort for you and your partner, and is a regular occurrence.

    Retrograde Ejaculation is when the semen travels backwards into the bladder. This generally does not cause any problems to health and the male still can orgasm, however it can be an issue if you and your partner are trying to conceive.

    If you are experiencing any of these problems and would like some information or help then contact me.

  • Painful Sex – Dyspareunia

    Painful sex can affect both men and women and there can be many reasons such as a medical condition or psychological distress.

    Females can experience painful sex when they are not feeling fully aroused during penetration or certain positions can cause discomfort due to deeper penetration. Menopause and hormonal changes can be a contributing factor as well as having surgery.

    Men can experience pain during intercourse for reasons such as a tight foreskin, soreness around the foreskin, surgery, inflammation of the prostate gland or an infection.

    Seeking sexual therapy it is best done after ruling out any underlying medical conditions. If you would more information or help contact me.

  • Couples or intimate partner counselling

    Whether your relationship set up is couple or polyamorous, monogamous or an ethical non monogamous, every relationship can present within it, its own difficulties.

    Navigating any relationship can at times be difficult but relationships with a person we are intimate with can present with difficulties which can leave us feeling stressed, anxious, confused, or betrayed.

    These feelings can stem from life stressor’s including a bereavement, redundancy, or health issues or through difficulties such as communication difficulty or breakdown, mismatch desires, infidelity, or a breach in trust.

    My aim is to provide you a space where you can come together and feel safe enough to openly explore your concerns about your relationship and work towards creating a shared understanding.

    I can support with issues such as:

    • Infidelity
    • Mismatched desires
    • Communication breakdown
    • Navigating ethical non monogamy or polyamory
    • Intimacy or reconnecting with each other

    If you feel I can support you with these or want to discuss your specific concern, please contact me.