Painful Sex – Dyspareunia

Painful sex can affect both men and women and there can be many reasons such as a medical condition or psychological distress. Females can experience painful sex when they are not feeling fully aroused during penetration or certain positions can cause discomfort due to deeper penetration. Menopause and hormonal changes can be a contributing factorContinue reading “Painful Sex – Dyspareunia”

Orgasm Difficulties and Anorgasmia

Orgasm difficulties or anorgasmia can occur with both males and females. Orgasm difficulties may present as having experienced orgasms in the past and not able to now, experiencing orgasm through masturbation but not with partner/s or have never experienced an orgasm. Many factors can contribute to orgasm difficulties and may not necessarily impact someone enjoyingContinue reading “Orgasm Difficulties and Anorgasmia”

Online Video Counselling: What is it?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing restrictions of lockdown, most Counsellors and Psychotherapists have had to move their practice to online or ‘remote’ video counselling. So what is online video counselling? Online counselling is offered remotely via an internet connection through an online platform such as Zoom. It can be just as effective as inContinue reading “Online Video Counselling: What is it?”